Sustainability challenges in magnetic and polymeric materials

Organised by the IOP Polymer Physics and Magnetism Groups

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Polymeric and magnetic materials are pushing the boundaries of functionality, finding applications in computing, biomedicine, automotive materials, electromagnetics and beyond. Passive and magnetically actuated devices can be operated with less energy than their electronic analogues and require fewer manufacturing steps. The resulting products consume less energy during their lifetime and are easier to recycle because there are fewer different materials to separate. Similarly, the polymers that comprise consumer products, coatings, laminates and packaging require less energy-intensive manufacturing processes and are increasingly recycled or reused. Tailoring these polymers to possess electromagnetic properties opens a range of functional applications. Switching or responsivity can be designed in a material by controlling phase transitions, like liquid-crystalline ordering. Replacing energy-intensive mined materials with functional polymers or organic materials decreases the energy footprint of a product. This session explores how the overlap of polymers and magnets is leading the development of sustainable, functional materials.


Chair: Thomas Moore, University of Leeds, and Alisyn J Nedoma, University of Sheffield. 


p-anisotropy: Sustainable strategies for tunable magnetism
Oscar Cespedes, University of Leeds, UK


Magnetic materials for energy reduction and energy harvesting
Kelly Morrison, University of Loughborough, UK


Large-area manufacture of flexible thin-film electronics
Hazel Assender, University of Oxford, UK


Title to be confirmed
Chinedum Osuji, University of Pennsylvania, USA


Inverse design of Nd-substituted permanent magnets
Thomas Schrefl, Danube University Krems, Austria


Recycling of Rare Earth Magnets
Allan Walton, University of Birmingham, UK


Plastic 2.0 – upcycling the mixed recycled plastic into a universal structural material
Eugene Terentjev, University of Cambridge, UK


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