A just energy transition and physics skills for a Green economy - Town Hall meeting

Hosted by Physics Communicators Group and Women in Physics Group

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All physics community colleagues (current and future) are welcome to join and participate in this. Our topic: to move forwards with the Green Economy, it’s going to help to identify and discuss the choices related to physics technology that will contribute to the energy transition and the type of skills and careers that are needed from our physics community. This morning session is a Town Hall event as part of this Physics in the Green Economy summit. In the first hour we have up to four contributors sharing their perspectives (10 minutes each) on this topic followed by a Q and A with the audience with an invited panel of physics based experts. The second hour is for the symposium attendees to breakout into small groups to discuss this just energy transition and physics skills theme. The ideas are then reported back to the whole meeting. The questions and topics discussed in this session are:

  • What are our energy choices; now, in the next 10 years and do we have a strategic 50 year plan?
  • How to we ensure inclusive cultures in this transition?
  • Linking this to the R&D agenda, what does a just energy transition look like?
  • Is there a better use of existing technology that we can deploy?
  • Timeframes for innovating new technology - how can we be smarter / use existing solutions?
  • How does Physics interact with the social sciences and how does this link into policy?
  • What are the inclusive opportunities for physics and how do we open the Green economy even more to a wide and diverse community?
  • A just energy transition, what is this going to look like and what industry opportunities can open up?


Our morning session is as follows:

Discussants: Co-chairs: Dr John T Bruun (Chair PCG) & Dawn Watson (Chair WiPG), Dr Josie Coltman (Secretary, WiPG) and Dr Sarah Williams (WiPG)


An introduction and some thoughts from Rachel Youngman (Deputy Chief Executive, IOP)


The role climate physicists have with informing green economy choices
John T Bruun (Climate Dynamics Physicist, University of Exeter & Chair of Physics Communicators Group)

A perspective of the topic from the point of view of nuclear industry scientists
Dawn Watson (Head of Strategy & Technical, Analytical Services, Sellafield Ltd & Chair of Women in Physics Group)

A perspective from the longer term point of view regarding fusion and the need for inclusivity within the industry
Josie Coltman (Plasma Physicist, AWE& Secretary of WiPG)

Diversity/inclusion challenges for the green transition
Sarah Williams (University of Cambridge and Member of WiPG)

Panel: Professor Alan Drew (Secretary of Environmental Physics Group), Beth Fitzpatrick (Treasurer of WiPG), Professor Serafim Kalliadasis (Imperial College London), Rizwana Shelley (WiPG) and the discussants.


Physics community team discussions: Split into in-person table teams and on-line breakout teams (managed by IOP Conferencing). Discuss the session questions together (remember to let everyone participate and have a voice!)


Session team feedback,re-convene and share feedback.Co-chairs to summarise the main points from this session.


-End - 


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12 November 2021

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Until full


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