About the IOP Groups

The Institute has 51 groups that cover a wide range of subjects. Full list of groups can be found here. You can join as many groups as you feel are relevant to your areas of expertise or interest.

Why join a group?
Groups build a strong community, enabling you to make connections and engage in thought-provoking discussions. As part of a group you will have opportunities to advance and drive the physics discipline forward, as well as a way of developing personal and professional relationships.

What do groups do?
Members of each group elect a committee that is responsible for developing the group’s activities. Committees work with group members to organise relevant events, award prizes and to share news. They also gather intelligence that informs consultations with funders and policymakers. Their activities include:

  • Arranging conferences, seminars and workshops for their members and others
  • Producing newsletters to keep their members in touch with the latest developments in their field
  • Promoting interaction between physicists working in industry and research, providing opportunities for networking and a forum for meeting and discussion
  • Awarding bursaries to help research students attend conferences via the Research Student Conference Fund
  • Providing information on relevant meetings organised by other bodies
  • Responding to policy consultation

Join a Group today

To join a group you need to be a member of the IOP. Not yet a member? Join today.

If you are already an IOP member then you can join a group by logging into IOP Connect. Once logged in click the icon with your initial at the top right, click ‘membership’ and click ‘my groups. You can now choose which groups you'd like to belong to.

There is no limit to the number of groups you can join and there is no fee.

Key dates

Registration deadline:

12 November 2021

Late registration deadline (Online only):

18 November 2021

Early career researcher abstract submission deadline:

31 October 2021


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